Born in Manila as the second of four kids, all Zachary Noddin ever knew was performing arts in its various forms. Growing up his father was an American international businessman, and his mother a professional dancer previous to having children, of Filipino ancestry. The nature of his father's work meant they were always on the road. Anywhere his father’s business took him, they went. 

Due to the constant moving around, he attended schools in various countries. Regardless of where they were living, they always spent their winter and summer vacations in the US and the Philippines.

Early on, he was a wild child. Not only did he have an appetite for singing, but more than anything, he was active and endlessly involved with sports and activities. Throughout the year he was on a sports team, whether it was soccer, baseball or football, to more individual sports like swimming and running. Singing was always something he could find comfort in when he was off the field or out of the water.

He began singing around the age of two, around the same time he learned to speak. Although singing was an inherent talent for him, his strong passion and joy for it came from his environment. His relationship with music was heavily influenced by the popular karaoke scene in the Philippines and Japan, two countries in which he spent much of his childhood.

As a child he was constantly searching for opportunities to perform, audience or not. His parents exposed him and his siblings to a wide range of music from a young age. None captured his attention quite like Michael Jackson. The unique style and commanding nature of performance completely entranced him with the art of entertainment and performance. It was at this time that he began to add dance into his wheelhouse.

At the start of his pre-teen years, he began working with a talent agency where he started singing, dancing, acting and modeling. For the first time, he started receiving formal training on how to tone his skills and unleash his talents.

Despite the constant change in location, he made sure to join the choral group of any school he was in from kindergarten through 7th grade. At one time, participating in the Greenwich County Honor Choir, when living in Connecticut. 

Moving into high school, he had a keen interest in football. He played football all through his high school days, and his performance, along with his commitment saw him become the captain of the football team, senior year. 

He took that same keen interest in football, to college. However, his playing days were cut short after a knee-injury; the injury served as an epiphany moment for him. The time spent on the sidelines made him re-consider his career path, and ultimately led him into dropping out of college to pursue his childhood love of entertainment. 

He has made active progress in finding his bearing in the entertainment world. At 19 years-old he moved to Los Angeles, CA. The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute would become his home for 18 months where he took acting and singing classes daily. It was at this time he really began to experiment and learn more about himself and his craft.

He started pursuing music more actively in 2018.