Zaku Cameo in New Jay Blaze Music Video - Sweet Dreams

By Zach Noddin

Zaku Sweet Dreams Cameo

Although it is public information, not every one is aware that when Zaku moved to Los Angeles, CA, he was an aspiring young actor. It was only after a year and half that he began to explore his musical abilities. Before long, he met Jay Blaze. 

The two immediately connected. Something about their two backgrounds meshed perfectly. Soon after, Jay gained interest in Zaku, urging him to push further with his aspirations in the entertainment industry. 

On top of going out to auditions for small roles in student films, short films and commercials, Zaku was working on his music on the side - honing his talent and work flow.

When Jay approached Zaku to play a small role for his new music video, it was a no brainer. What better way to introduce Zaku as a new artist, and segway from acting to music.

In Sweet Dreams, Zaku appears as a laid back partygoer, living his best life and not thinking too much about the consequences. He stars alongside actor and social media influencer, Carey.

All signs point toward a fun and exciting night, until things take an unexpected turn...

Follow the link down below to watch now!